Wild Attraction Book

59 Energetic Facts of Life snap you out of relationship illusion and step you into intelligent, transformational intimacy that works.

A Ruthlessly Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationship

Wild Attraction springs from an energetically awakened couple's astonishing non-ordinary connection, and from seventeen years of teaching and coaching the skills needed to create extraordinary relationship.

Wild Attraction is woven around 59 concise “Energetic Facts of Life”, each an overturning of a commonly held, but unworkable notion about the dynamics of male-female connection.

In this compelling original vision of love, you will be introduced to the Richard’s view that humans inhabit a second body composed entirely of Energy, and that gender and intimacy is created and sustained as much by elements of energetic communication as it is by words and genetics.

A transformational path to deep intimacy, Wild Attraction puts new choices into old love lives.

You will discover:

  • The art of energetic signaling that can either entice you to choose unsuitable partners or help you attract healthy mates.
  • Practical ways to turn the force of attraction "on" in your life and end patterns of loneliness and confusion
  • Neglected mating rituals that allow you to initiate sexual charge and passion and maintain them over a lifetime.
  • An intricate new view of relationship communication that can lead to profound awakenings.

"There is no such thing as an ordinary human being......There should be no such thing as an ordinary relationship."

I love your book, it's very alive, quite raw (which I love), and offers unique viewpoints I haven't seen elsewhere. Very high quality work!

M.M ~California

Your Instructor

Paul and Patricia Richards
Paul and Patricia Richards

Paul and Patricia Richards are pioneers in the rapidly developing field of energetic seeing. They enjoyed successful careers in aerospace, martial arts, and medicine prior to forming the Senté Center, an innovative training facility, in 1992. Their groundbreaking work on the role played by Energy in human health, empowerment, and relationship is the most powerful and practical exploration of this topic available today.

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"I've just finished reading Wild Attraction. I honestly devoured most of it in a few day period.

I just want to say one thing: Thank you. Thank you for sharing, for giving, and for having the courage to put the entirety of your experience and observations into writing. What a piece!!

I'm absorbing all you say like a dry sponge thrown into an ocean. The problem is, like a sponge, I can't absorb it all! Tomorrow I'll start the second pass. I can hardly wait to start the book over again. Like your spoken sentences, the phrases in this book have so many levels, it's necessary to spend some quiet time with them for all they have to offer to sink in."

P.N. ~Michigan

"What I've received from you both has been utterly essential. Reading Wild Attraction and getting connected with you both was a critical turning point in my healing and blossoming."

V.M. ~Oregon

"Since my original copy of Wild Attraction is packed away with my books, I bought two more from Amazon & plan to re-read ASAP."


"I've now finished reading Wild Attraction for the 4th time, and I am still discovering plenty of wonderful things I missed the first times around. I consider it to be one of the most valuable and evolutionary books I have ever had the pleasure of discovering."

L.E. ~Michigan