New Client Session with Patty Richards

New Client Session appointment slots are available to book if you have never had a session with Patty. If you have had prior sessions, click here to book in our returning client calendar.

In her client sessions, Patty combines decades of perceptual training with her skill in coaching people to acquire new skills that improve their presence, their effectiveness, and their capacity to find, create, and sustain healthy relationships.

An individual session with Patty offers you a fresh viewpoint that provides new insights and astonishing degrees of new confidence and change.

The purpose of a session varies according to your needs, interests, and circumstances. Sessions can address specific problems such as relationships, professional decisions, or psychological issues.

They can also help you develop a grounded framework to understand, develop, and test your ability to perceive and communicate effectively in energy.

Individual sessions with Patty are powerful opportunities for gaining clarity, new skills, and new direction.

Session length: 60 minutes ($120) or 90 minutes ($180)

Format: Via telephone or Skype

Phone number to call at the time of your session: (541) 482-7182

Skype address: 'sentecentersessions' (please let us know at least one day ahead if you plan to use Skype)

**If you do not find a time or date that works for you, email the Senté Center at [email protected] or phone 541 482-7182. We will work with you to find another appointment option.

The Nature of a Session

Patty is a highly trained coach and educator in advanced attention and perception. Her previous professional background was in the field of birth and women's health as a nurse-midwife nurse practitioner.

Patty has a warm, intelligent presence. She is dedicated to bringing the power of the feminine into active engagement in the world. Patty's sessions are unique opportunities to both relax and explore. She has a love of dynamic change and knows how to move and navigate with you within it.

Individual sessions with Patty are creative and masterful demonstrations of the use of subtle energetic senses that in fact everyone possesses and can choose to develop.

A Note on Health Care Issues in Sessions

Sometimes in a session Patty may share observations about your physical or mental health. In these cases, she does so as an observer. Her observations are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. While reports relating to health situations can often be remarkably accurate, sometimes important conditions can fail to show up when viewed energetically. If she does not report a health problem, you cannot assume that it does not exist. We urge clients to continue with their normal health checkups and medical support activities regardless of the content of our sessions at the Sente Center.

The Structure of a Session

All individual sessions are currently offered by telephone or Skype. Occasionally Patty will schedule a live coaching session with someone for a particular training.

Patty requests that her new clients email a photo to the Sente Office at [email protected] several days prior (photo taken within one year, up close and without sunglasses).

For the first half hour of a session, Patty avoids gathering information verbally from you and will not inquire about your history or interests. You will be asked to read something neutral out loud for a few minutes that contains no personal information. You are then invited to sit quietly and simply listen. At the halfway mark, the session becomes interactive and you can ask questions or Patty may elect to do exercises with you.

There is no general guideline regarding the types of topics that are appropriate for inquiry during a session. Have fun with your questions, and enjoy what will probably be an unusual and valuable experience.

A Record of Your Experience

All sessions are recorded via MP3 format. Within one week of your session you will receive an email with a link that allows you to download your session recording and permanently save it on your computer. **If you do not have a computer, please let Patty know prior to the session that you will need an audio CD mailed to you.

Recordings provided by the Sente Center to clients are generally of high quality, but are not guaranteed (equipment failures may occur.) There will be no refund of any portion of session fees if a recording of a session does not turn out for any reason.

Master recordings are the property of the Center, are retained as in-house administrative records of the sessions, and are stored confidentially in an archive to which only Patty and designated Center personnel have access, and are subject to eventual destruction at the option of the Center.

Guidelines for Experiencing Sente Client Sessions

Here is what we think you should know in order to get the most out of your upcoming Sente client session experience: Recipients can and almost always do derive a variety of practical benefits as the subjects of individual sessions, but we hope that a major part of the recipient experience is the simple enjoyment of an opportunity to view a demonstration of a skilled and deliberate use of non ordinary senses in a positive, intelligent, and compassionate framework. We would like to inspire people to wonder about the nature of human beings and the world around us, and to contemplate the mysterious prospect that people are more than our daily experience suggests.

Individual sessions are primarily art forms. Although they often contain reference to life issues, we do not experience or intend them as problem solving or life management exercises. The specific promise of a practitioner is to be as honest as possible about what he or she is actually seeing in the session and to present what seems appropriate to offer in a manner that is, in the reader's best estimate, as compassionate to the recipient as possible.

Here are a few guidelines for session recipients:

Take everything we say with a grain of salt. Nothing is more laden with cultural and psychological baggage than predicting the future. Despite this, looking ahead is occasionally a part of our process. Many of our forecasts do come to pass, or we wouldn't include them in our performances, but we don't see actual futures and often we describe things whose meaning never becomes clear. Instead, it appears that we see probabilistic impressions of possible future events, which means that we are speaking about things with a greater or lesser chance of coming to pass, rather than absolutes. Never or almost never is any potential event we describe inescapable or fixed, from our viewpoint. We report what is merely the most obvious viewable future at the moment of the session, for us, and this can change in an hour or a day. We do not include these views in order to help people avoid catastrophe or to get tomorrow's racing results today. Certainly we do not guarantee futures that we describe, nor do we indemnify people from potential negative events. We attempt forecasts mainly to expose the fact that it is occasionally possible to glimpse things that in normal terms should be impossible to see, because this in itself has inherent significance.

Make your own choices. If you receive an impression from us relating to an otherwise unknowable aspect of past, present, or future, take it into consideration but recognize that this process is limited, has no special authority, is inherently difficult, and is not offered in order to simplify or intrude into your decision making process. It is intended only as a gentle supplement to your combined total view relating to any given issue. We offer our opinions to you, to do with as you yourself see fit.

Don't assume that if we can't see something, or don't mention it in a session, then it isn't there. This is particularly important in matters of either mental or physical health care. We sometimes offer energy based observations about physical things, including your physical body, or will comment on mental states or processes. In this process we may draw attention to energy anomalies that may suggest possible health issues or concerns. But we are no substitute for qualified medical professionals and we urge you to seek the help and advice of licensed medical/mental health care practitioners for all your health care needs.

Never skip a health care visit, medical test, or evaluation with a qualified professional because of anything you hear in a Sente client session.

Whatever conclusions you may draw from your session experience, it is always our wish to remain respectful and supportive of each recipient's psychological, religious, or scientific worldview, and to remain free of any intent to advocate or persuade.

Finally, feel free to ask us for more clarification during your session if you don't understand our choice of words or feel unclear or uncomfortable about what we are describing.

While we welcome feedback after sessions, and are responsive to reasonable requests for clarification and support from our clients, we make no commitment to provide additional individual guidance or ongoing advice as a form of extended benefit associated with the session experience.

While having a Sente client session is something to take with reasonable seriousness, nearly everyone finds them fascinating, useful and extraordinary. We at Sente genuinely love to offer client sessions. We feel that it is an honor to be entrusted with your attention.

We wish you a wonderful, amazing time.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you cancel your appointment with at least five business days' notice before your appointment, you will be issued a full refund within 30 days of your cancellation date. No-shows and late cancellations incur the full cost of the appointment. If you cannot keep your appointment, you may choose to gift or offer your appointment to another client. If you can give an appointment to another client, please notify us of that person's name by emailing or calling us.


“Patty is a positive pro-active engaging force. At the same time she is extraordinary, she is feet on the ground practical. Her attention pointed in your direction will marshal change, and collect any ally or friend in the environment that can help make it happen. Not reluctant to say the hard or unseen thing, or to push when needed, her caring is obvious and warmly delivered. She will get you to a new possibility quickly. Her love of engagement is her hallmark.”

SP Nurse Practitioner, OR

“I had my first experience with Patty Richards in 1999 in a coaching session gifted from a friend. It forever changed my life. I highly recommend her class and her sessions. They help me stay grounded in an often busy, and sometimes chaotic world. The material she presents is very useful in everyday life, and her style is warm and supportive. I have noticed my communication skills are more effective and the entire way I look and experience life is subtly transforming.”

SM Fairview,OR

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"Patty is a master of interpersonal interaction dynamics. She is an expert in understanding personal power and how individuals relate to their worlds, as well as in understanding how people interact in relationship to others.

She enjoys challenging herself and others to make changes in self perception and in actions--to try something new just because it's possible. She has an amazing ability to convey information in an interesting and useful way."

JH Therapist. OR

Your Instructor

Patty Richards
Patty Richards

Patty Richards is a talented lecturer, educator, and author in the field of Relationship and Applied Perception. She is co-author of the popular book, Wild Attraction, A Ruthlessly Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationship.

Dedicated to making extraordinary relationship the norm, she offers individuals and couples a vital missing piece in their quest for successful Love-a useful understanding of the human energy field and its essential role in the non-verbal communication and signaling that can either create healthy attraction, and deep, lively passion, or disappointing entanglements.

Recognizing that the most important conversations of our life are not taking place in words, she re-trains attention, offers immediately usable tools, and skillfully makes the invisible visible.

With a background in medicine and rigorously trained in perception, for more than twenty years Patty has been teaching both lay people and professionals who may not see subtle energy, to effectively work with and benefit by it. She insists on hands-on engagement-exercises that move attention and awareness, and develop practical life skills and parallel perception.

Prior to co-founding the Senté Center for Energetic Studies with her husband Paul in 1992, Patty was a successful Nurse Midwife Nurse Practitioner with degrees from Southern Oregon University, and the University of Arizona. She assisted women, couples, and families in settings ranging from high-risk medical centers to the Navaho reservation.

Today, she combines the grounded incisiveness of her medical training with the fluidity of advanced perception training. Her approach presumes that neither life, nor love, nor humans are ordinary. She delights in growing the extraordinary capacity latent in people.

Patty’s rich experience in medicine, as well as her avid interest in relationship dynamics and sexuality, brings a warmth and dynamism to her groundbreaking work. She is known for her fun and spicy approach to change. Her individual sessions and classes are remarkable opportunities to bring new eyes to old habits.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you cancel your appointment with at least five business days' notice before your appointment, you will be issued a full refund within 30 days of your cancellation date. No-shows and late cancellations incur the full cost of the appointment. If you cannot keep your appointment, you may choose to gift or offer your appointment to another client. If you can give an appointment to another client, please notify us of that person's name by emailing or calling us.